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Regular Special Order Items

In order to provide customers with full access to every part available on the market, we will special order non-inventory parts for customers directly from the part manufacturers.

Most special order items must first arrive at our warehouse before we can ship them to customers. Because of this, special order items have lead times.

We estimate that most special order parts will arrive at and leave our warehouse within 1-2 weeks from the date of order placement. Although, the average extra wait time for a special order parts tends to only be about a week. There are no extra charges for regular special order items.

Back Ordered Items

Although infrequent, manufacturers sometimes run out of an item entirely. An item is considered on back order if we don't have it in our warehouse, and if the manufacturer has also sold out of the item.

If an item has sold out from the manufacturer, the most we can do is wait for the item's back ordered status to change and keep our customers informed of the situation. In many cases, it can take weeks or even months for manufacturers to release a backordered item.

We make every effort to notify customers of backorders at the time of sale. However, parts can go on backorder without the manufacturer first notifying us, making it possible for customers to purchase back-ordered parts. We notify customers by phone as soon as we discover that a back-ordered item has been purchased. Customers can then decide whether or not to keep the order open as-is, or to remove the back-ordered item from the order. If an order for a back-ordered item is kept open, the back-ordered item will be shipped to the customer as soon as it arrives at our warehouse.  If you have any questions contact us for more information.

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