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Bolens History

Bolens History

Founded in 1850, Bolens has grown to become the most respected name in outdoor power equipment.  Milestones in the Bolens heritage include the introduction, in 1919, of the first power-driven garden tractor.  Thousands of these early machines were sold to enthusiastic customers, and Bolens outdoor power equipment was on its way to becoming famous.  

Immediately following World War II, Bolens was acquired by FMC Corportation, and specialization continued in production of outdoor equipment.  A progressive engineering program was begun and new designs met growing new demands as Americans in increasing numbers discovered Bolens power equipment as a means of reducing the time and effort required for yard care.  In 1947, Bolens introduced the first compact tractor.  The first Bolens Husky tractor made its appearance in 1961 and set a new standard for all compact tractors.  Bolens again startled the industry in 1963 with the introduction of the Estate Keeper-a unique and years-ahead concept in compact tractors.  Each product bearing the Bolens trademark is back by this 116-year heritage (documented in 1966) and by the extensive research and development facilities of FMC Corporation.  Brooks Stevens, internationally known designer, is responsible for the external designs of all Bolens products.  Today, as in the past, the name Bolens stands for proven dependability, advanced design and the highest standard of quality

Bolens through the years 1918-1972
Its Development Has Paced an Industry!

Bolens First Garden Tractor 1918
Bolens First Riding Garden Tractor
Bolens First Compact Garden Tractor
Bolens First Garden Tractor with Hydrostatic Drive
Bolens First Garden Tractor with PTO Driven Attachments
Bolens First "Quiet" Tractor







Bolens 1050

Bolens Husky 1050

Designed and engineered for full-time grounds maintenance of large lawn and country sized gardens.  Powered by a 10 hp Wisconsin engine, the Husky 1050 can cruise at over 500 ft per min.  Drive:  Geared transmission and controlled differential.  Speed controls:  Six forward and two reverse.  Lowest Speed:  Less than 3/4 mph; highest; 6 mph.  Standard Equipment: PTO assembly, controlled differential, parking brake, electric starting, tool box, fenders, seat cushion and back rest.  Electric lights, standard equipment on Husky 1050

Bolens 850

Bolens Husky 850

Ideal for year-round residential yard care.  Handles easily, maneuvers quickly.  The Husky 850 has an 8 1/4 hp engine, two speed ranges (six forward and two reverse).  Lowest Speed: 3/4 mph; highest: 6 mph.  Features PTO direct drive, geared transmission and controlled differential.  Standard Equipment:  PTO assembly, controlled differential, two speed ranges with flip lever control, tool box, fenders, seat cushion.

Bolens 750

Bolens Husky 750

Moderately priced, the Husky 750 offers most of the features found in the two larger models.  A four-season performer, the 7 hp Husky 750 powers the full range of Bolens Fast-Switch attachments.  Standard Equipment includes:  Bolens Fast-Switch Power-Lock Hitch (for changing powered attachments in minutes), PTO (no belt) drive, two speed ranges, tool box, fenders, seat cushion.  Lowest Speed:  Less than 3/4 mph; highest 6 mph.

NEW commercial size Bolens Husky 1250

with Exclusive Hydrostatic Transmission (automatic)

Bolens 1250

Perfect for parks, plants, institutions, large estates and farms, the Bolens Husky 1250 is a professional, grounds maintenance champion.  Built for big-job capacity and performance, the Husky 1250 will do literally dozens of grounds care chores.  The biggest sized lawn are reduced to small lots, when power mowed with the Husky 1250.

A new concept in compact tractors, the Husky 1250 features a Hydrostatic transmission.  The automatic transmission operates without belts, clutch, or chain drives.  Provides more power and stamina, gives you greater torque to handle heavier drawbar loads.  Offers you the benefit of an infinite number of speeds to match tractor motion with working conditions.  You can move from 0 to 8 mph forward or 0 to 8 mph reverse.....instantly, smoothly!

The new Husky 1250 is available with a variety of Bolens Fast-Switch Power-lock Hitch attachments.  Put the Husky 1250 to work on your big-acreage jobs, year around...power mowing, tilling, hauling, grading and snow casting

Bolens Hydrostatic Transmission


A simple toe-and heel movement-on the right foot pedal-controls the forward and backward motion.  Varying the position of the pedal regulates the speed.  Left foot pedal "locks-in" exact working speed desired.  No shifting.  No clutch.  Built-in brakes.  Operated by foot pressure rather than hand-lever speed control...the Bolens Hydrostatic system KEEPS YOUR HANDS FREE, lets you concentrate on steering

Bolens Husky 1250 attachments

HUSKY 1250 ATTACHMENTS are hydraulically raised and lowered.  Lift-actuating lever is located just to the left of steering column.  To raise or lower attachments, apply upward or downward pressure on the left-actuating lever for UP, NETRAL, DOWN and FLOAT positions.  Instrument panel features an exclusive "Position-Gauge" that allows you to conveniently locate the original height or depth of the attachment


Bolens Estate Keeper

No other compact tractor even comes close......

Tight spots and hard-to-reach places are never a problem with the Estate Keeper.  Seated up front on the Estate Keeper, you've got a grandstand view of every mowing job in sight.  You can nose the front-mounted attachment under low-hanging branches, circle trees and shrubs, edge up tight to walks, drives and fences.  The 3-bladed rotary mower attachment actually cuts your grass before wheels have a chance to press it down.

The rugged, 10 hp Estate Keeper has Bolens exclusive Center-Pivot Steering and a 21-inch turning radius to make it the most maneuverable compact tractor ever built.  When you turn the steering wheel, the tractor pivots in the middle (further you turn, small the circle).  This unique steering principle lets you aim the attachment in any direction you want to mow.  Rear wheels track front wheels perfectly--no short cutting on turns with the Estate Keeper's advanced design: two speed ranges (six forward and two reverse) for matching tractor speed to working conditions (as when moving from short to high grass); and rear engine design that lets you drive away from the exhaust and engine heat...not into it.

Built to give you year after year of season-to-season versatility, the 10 hp Estate Keeper can be equipped for mowing, grading, hauling and snow casting.  Standard equipment includes:  cast-ron Wisconsin engine, all geared transmission, electric starting, PTO assembly and padded bucket seat mounted on spring metal to absorb shock.  Available with Bolens Fast-Switch Power-lock Hitch attachments, the Estate Keeper is most advanced compact tractor on the market...and the most fun to operate.

Bolens 813

Bolens 813

Husky heritage with short-frame maneuverability....

We call the 813 a "lawn-tractor" because its designed specifically to economically care for the average to medium sized lawn.  Smaller in stature, but not in maneuverability and performance, this "rider" has big tractor features you'd expect from a full-sized Husky.  And, it's bred for endurance and stamina.  The all steel frame is a single unit stamping, and in addition to this 8 hp model there are 5 and 6 hp models available.  All have fully enclosed 3 speed transaxle drive that lets you manicure your lawn on wide pneumatic tires.  Automotive type gear steering with a 7 to 1 ratio allow you to move in close around shrubs and plantings.  A single foot pedal control serves as clutch and adjustable disc brakes.....single lever control for throttle and choke.  Solid steel front axle and Power-Take-Off (belt-type) attachment exchange give these Huskys big tractor convenience and versatility.

The Versatility of these Huskys speaks for itself.....

Bolens 1054

Bolens 1054

A team of chose of 8 or 10 horsepower.....deisgned to handle any lawn or garden job.  and, during the bad months of the year, the rugged 6 speed transmission will keep you going through mud and snow with a high/low range speed selector.  Lets you match speed to job maximum efficiency.  Both the 853 and 1054 hitch up to 35 different attachments with Bolens exclusive PTO system.  To help keep your gardening hours safer these Huskys feature a broad foot rest, a parking brake to make sure it stays put when you want to, and easy-to-reach dash-mounted controls including a 12v electric start.  Key locks to prevent accidental or unauthorized use and safely interlocks prevent starting with the PTO engaged or starting in gear.  

The "big tractor" backbone of these Huskys is a touch tubular steel frame that will stay in line through years of hard work.

Bolens 853

Bolens 853

Bolens 1254

Bolens 1254

Pulls its share- summer or winter

This Husky breed of medium frame tractors was designed to meet the demands of medium to large lawn areas.  Its rugged all-gear transmission has two speed ranges allowing you to match speed to any job for maximum performance.  A rugged 12 hp engine heads the 1254 home in a hurry or gears down to dig up unplowed ground with full power at less than 1 mph.

Steering is made easy by a full 14" diameter steering wheel and automotive type beveled gear mechanism.  

Throttle, chock and light controls are dash-mounted for convenience and safety.

A rugged tubular steel frame takes rough bumps in stride, and a spring-action foam rubber seat smooths them out.  The electric start has a locking key-switch to prevent accidental or unauthorized use.  For added safety, levers have no-slip plastic handles and foot pedals are extra wide to prevent slipping.

Attachments are powered by live PTO that delivers positive direct engine power at any attachment height.  Changing attachments is a snap with Bolens exclusive plug-in system, something you'll appreciate because the 1254 hitches up to dozens of attachements for year 'round use. 

Hitch this Husky up to your lawn and garden it cut 'em down to size.

Bolens 1256

Bolens 1256

The automatic Husky with foot pedal control!

This is the Husky designed for medium and large sized yards or suburban lawns...and for ambitious owners with plans for improving them.  The 1256 with a Wisconsin engine delivers a sold 12 hp and is teamed up to a Bolens Hydrostatic transmission that lets you control forward, reverse and stop just by pivoting a single foot pedal.

Your hands never have to leave the wheel to shift, and that means extra safety, as do other features life:  Key-lock ignition that prevents accidental or unauthorized use; disc brake and parking lock that prevents accidental starting with the PTO or transmission engaged; and no-slip grips on levers for safe, positive action.  Driving is so much fun, the only time you'll want to stop is to change attachments  And that's a snap with Bolens plug-in attachment system.  to make it all even easier, there's a built-in one spool hydraulic lift to help position attachments.  If the going gets rough the controlled differential can quickly balance traction, deliver maximum pull-power to both rear wheels-pull power you'll use year 'round because the 1256 hitches up to 35 attachments for true all-season flexibility.  Whichever your choice, it's one you'll look forward to-automatically.

Bolens 1477/76

Bolens 1477/76

Toughest when the going gets roughest

If your lawn and garden chores demand a tractor with muscle and maneuverability, this is the Husky for you.  Designed with estate-sized lawn in mind, the 1477/76 features everything that has made Huskys famous for dependability and long-lasting economy plus a rugged Wisconsin 14 hp engine that keeps you ahead of lawn and garden chores.  This Husky puts its power on the ground through a Bolens Hydrostatic transmission that automatically adjusts for load. Simply pivot the foot pedal for forward, reverse or stop. 

to make life a little softer, the foam rubber cushioned seat is mounted on leaf springs that smooth out the hard bumps.  Underneath, a deep formed channel frame delivers rugged dependability.  For convenience, the PTO has front and rear facing drive shafts.  Electric starting with a locking key switch, of course, but in addition the entire ignition system is solid state for trouble-free maintenance, maximum performance regardless of weather conditions.  And, once you're started, the 1477/76 has a hydraulic lift to rase and lower any one of the 35 year-round attachments it hitches up to, including a 48" mower, 25" tiller and a 42" snow caster.

To make changing attachments a snap there's a new, patented Bolens plug-in attachment system.  For rear mounted attachments there's an optional farm-type category "O" three-point hitch.  Safety features include dash mounted controls, no-slip grips on lift and attachment clutch levers, and dynamic braking.  

Big lawn?  Tough chores?  That's what the 1477/76 was designed for.

Bolens 1886

Bolens 1886

Leader of the pack with 18 Husky horsepower

Announcing the first compact lawn and garden tractor with an 18 horsepower engine.  Designed and refined during years of successful and dependable service in heavy industrial applications, this power plant supplies the muscle to do the job.  Teamed up with the hydrostatic transmission that gives you foot pedal control, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride in our leaf-spring, full-contoured high back seat.

Let's put you in that seat for just a minute and prove why the 1886 deserves to be leader of the pack.  Wrap around rear fenders let you get on and off nicely.  From the sleek automotive type dash to the channel frame, this tractor is built to take years of rugged use.  There's a key start ignition, for dependability regardless of weather, that locks for maximum safety when not in use.

The new patented Bolens plug-in attachment system allows you to hitch up to 35 different year 'round attachments including a 54" mower and a 42" snow caster.  The two spool hydraulic lift lets you preform two functions simultaneously...lift and angle blade.  Safety features include dash mounted controls, no-slip grips on lift and attachment clutch levers, disc brake and reserve gas tank.

King-size lawn?  Municipal grounds? Light farming or industry?  The 1886 compact tractor with 18 hp is the leader.

Bolens G174

Bolens Diesel Tractors

Bolens Diesel Tractors combine the world's best tractor know-how.

Technology and economy from Japan's largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment plus the quality and service that's made Bolens Tractors number one in engineering and value.  Result: tractors with the Just-Right power, features, size and price.  For just about every job around your place.  Feature for feature you can't buy better.

Bolens G152
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